How can U just leave me standing? search of Prince Rogers Nelson.

The Gold Experience: Jim Walsh got to know Prince in the 1990s, to the point where he was able to challenge the artist in open print. This is his story...

Episode Summary

"Middle-aged bad-assery!" is how Jim Walsh described what he saw from Minneapolis' favourite son Prince in the 1990s. While the world had moved on from his 1980s heyday, a few discerning music loving souls - locally based journalist Jim being one of them - continued to follow the Purple One's myriad musical twists and turns...many of which - in the studio, and onstage - continued to be touches of genius. So, while everyone else slept, some attempted to keep up...these are his reflections on an often-neglected period of Prince's incredible career.

Episode Notes

Jim Walsh - journalist and author of Gold Experience: Following Prince in the '90s


2mins - Were the 1990s Prince's 'punk period'?

5mins - Challenging Prince to be more vital!

8mins30s - the mad scientist out in Chanhassen, the feeling of greatness nearby

10mins - Going back to Paisley as a museum? Being in the building together...

11mins - the 90s, the forerunner to everyone having their own radio station...and preserving the legacy

13mins - Thoughts on The Rainbow Children, a transitional album and critically renowned live shows

15mins - seeing Prince over the years, often until 6am

17mins - living your life to the fullest creativity

18mins - seeing Prince for the first time in the early 1980s at First Avenue - "they were just badass, oh my God!"

21mins - Allen Beaulieu photographer, studio was just up the street from First Avenue...where Target Center is now. Pictures eventually adorned all of Prince's early album covers.

22mins30s - What kind of person was Prince? "Really warm and loving...he was know-able, that was my experience."

25mins - Playing different styles of music every night at Paisley Park

27mins - Jam of the Year tour memories from 1997, followed by an all-night performance... 'it was so good!'

29mins - Middle-aged bad-assery at The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and The Superbowl

30mins30s - Best guitar solos ever? 'Feathery blues at Glam Slam...'

32mins - Carlos Santana, Larry Graham & Prince at the Northrop Auditorium

34mins - Larry Graham's influence on Prince: Jim Walsh's view

36mins - A fleeting sight of Prince in 2014, 'a deeply spiritual God-loving man'.