How can U just leave me standing? search of Prince Rogers Nelson.

Sam Jennings worked with Prince for 9 years. Growing up in Chicago, he went from throwing fan parties during the 'Wild West' years of the internet in the 1990s, to becoming a very meaningful contributor to Prince's art, design and visual presentation.

Episode Summary

Sam Jennings is a multi-talented designer living in Los Angeles. He has designed websites and major label album releases from Prince and Avril Lavigne. In addition to tour books, merchandise, singles, tour support, websites, and photo retouching for Prince, Avril Lavigne, Gorillaz, David Bowie, Pearl Jam, Swedish House Mafia, EBONY Magazine, Microsoft, and more. Sam is also a DJ on Twitch, and he works in the Entertainment Industry at MediaMonks. You can see his portfolio at:

Episode Notes


2mins30s - Growing up in Chicago Illinois

4mins - Pursuing a career in the Web back in the mid 90s..."it was an interesting time, it was kind of like the Wild West"

5mins30s - Nona Gaye & The Beautiful Experience

6mins30s - Finding all of the other Prince fans on the internet via online communities...and organising parties at the Berlin club in Chicago

9mins - When did Sam first have contact with Prince? Fans coming together on a 'community project'...and AOL chat rooms.

11mins - How long did you think it would last?

13mins - Confidentiality and Prince...

14mins - in 1999 and Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic

16mins - Prince's legacy in the digital world - one of the first to have his own internet business and music distributing artist

17mins - Releasing a 'ton of music in 2001'...'a tremendous explosion of activity for him...' and The Prince Museum online.

19mins - If Prince had lived and you had to design a digital presence for him now, what would that be?

21mins30s - What was the Prince music you first became aware of, early memories and favourite unreleased recordings...

27mins30s - Meeting Prince in person for the first time...

30mins - Maintaining professionalism as a fan...

32mins - How difficult was it to challenge Prince? Fan websites