How can U just leave me standing? search of Prince Rogers Nelson.

Episode 5: Author Duane Tudahl talks about writing the definitive account of Prince's Parade and Sign O The Times studio sessions. "Prince could release an album every year for 100 years...", he tells us.

Episode Summary

"How Can U Just Leave Me Standing?" is the podcast where we go in search of Prince. We talk to band members, artists influenced by the purple one, academics and fans - in an attempt to shine further light on a unique musical legacy. Duane talks about when he started writing, and fellow author Per Nilsen, reflects on where he was when Prince died, going to legendary live shows, interviewing members of Prince's inner circle, having access to studio information and shares his thoughts on the vault of unreleased recordings.

Episode Notes

Duane Tudahl has spent his career working on TV series, but also producing numerous documentaries and music videos.  

He is a writer and researcher, who has contributed many articles for Uptown magazine – the key Prince fanzine – for 12 years, from 1991 to 2003.  

In recent years he received praise for his books documenting Prince’s studio sessions in the 1980s, which are extensive in their research, and give further insight into one of the most fascinating periods in popular music.

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